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August 16, 2006


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Thanks for sharing this link, Rob. From the artist's perspective, it's important to remember that cause tie-ins are another way to extend and enhance one's career. For brands and association, the assumption, many times, is that few artists would be interested in working with them. The key, as I'm sure you pointed out to Jim, was the value that could be created for everyone involved.

On a personal note, I'm particularly pleased to see these campaigns since I lost my Dad four years ago to ALS. Keep up the good and important work you're doing!

Jim Guthrie is a great example of someone doing just this from the artist's perspective.
Two of his songs to date, "Hug you til I'm blue" and "Trust", have appeared in public service announcements for the ALS Society of Canada.

Ads can be seen at: http://www.als.ca/psa/Default.aspx

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